Bodegas Val de Hornas - Spain

15 years ago there were only 3 winegrowers active in Ribera del Jiloca. However, this high altitude wine valley offers enormous potential to produce top quality wines. It is located partly in the province of Teruel and partly in Zaragoza. The people of Aylés, Ramon Reula, also noticed this opportunity and, as specialists of the 'Garnacha' grape, they committed themselves fully to prove what is possible with this grape at altitude. The vineyards are now on average almost 40 years old and are located at an altitude of 800m. The wines are aged in 2 meter high concrete eggs, which produces spectacular results. Another crown on the work of the Aylés team, which specialized in revaluing forgotten and long-lost wine regions. They also succeed in producing an extraordinary wine from an 'ordinary' grape like Macabeo. Yields are kept low, there is no irrigation and the wines are produced using the most modern techniques. It is therefore not surprising that Val de Hornas is an undeniable added value in the already varied Spanish wine landscape.


Poggio delle Faine - Italy

The vineyards of Poggio Delle Faine are located in close proximity to Siena. The wine region is one of the best in the world. Sangiovese plays the leading role here while Cabernet Sauvignon provides a nice addition. the Chardonnay shines in white. Delicious and stylish.


Corte dei Mori - Italy

Cantine Minini was founded in 1920 in Verolanuova where, as a young soldier, Francesco Minini had just left the First World War. There was little money, but the determination was all the greater to start an ambitious wine estate. This ambition soon got a blow when the Second World War broke out not much later. But even after this tragedy, he continued his life project with good courage and renewed enthusiasm. In the early 1960s, the domain was completely rebuilt at a new location. It is still today the headquarters of the many other locations it knows today. Those years also saw the domain's greatest boost and collaboration projects were started with winegrowers all over the country, representing almost all the main regions of Italy. This allowed the Minini family to offer a portfolio that was and still is representative of almost all of Italy rather than just the Veneto region. The 3rd generation, which is again represented by a Francesco Minini, gratefully builds on this today and offers a wide quality range of Italian wines at an international level. The wines are, without falling into exclusivity, of a high level and allow us to enjoy a country like Italy without having to dig deep into our pockets.


Mea Culpa - Italy

Mea Culpa uses grapes from Puglia: Primitivo del Salento, grown from 50 year old vines. The remaining 40% comes from Sicily, Syrah from higher altitude vineyards and a composition of mouth-filling Merlot.


Cava Bella Mistala - Spain

The vineyards of Cava Bella Mistala are located in the highlands of Valencia, Requena. Most cavas come from the Penedès, but here on this plateau the temperature can drop seriously at night and in winter. However, the cold is a guarantee for fresh and lively sparkling wines, which is not a matter of course in a country like Spain. Moreover, the vineyards here are completely ecologically processed and more use is made of a grape such as Chardonnay, which at this altitude gives the wine the necessary structure and fresh citrus accents to the classic Macabeo. The wine estate only started in 2007 and is therefore equipped with all modern requirements to make characterful and exciting sparkling wines. In contrast to the vast majority of cavas, quality is therefore fully committed here, which has already earned them the necessary prizes in national and international competitions and tastings in their short existence.


Monmousseau - France

What's in a name? In 1886 Alcide Monmousseau founded a winery that specialized entirely in creating and raising Sparkling wines in the classic way as in Champagne where the wine gets its pearls on the bottle. In the shadow of the famous castle of Chenonceau, huge cellars were dug out of one of the largest Tuffo layers in France. This white rock was not only used to build castles and abbeys, but is also ideal as a thermoregulatory material for the storage and aging of sparkling wines. The wines therefore receive a long maturation sur lattes, making them among the finest and most balanced in the region. They also pride themselves on exceptional mastery of blending. Their Crémant de Loire therefore consists of 6 different grapes, all of which contribute to the ideal assembly.


Donatien Bahuaud - France

Born in 1906, Donatien Bahuaud has been passionate about viticulture since early childhood. As a young man, he was then 23 years old, he founded the house “Donatien Bahuaud” and was one of the founders of the AOC “Muscadet sur Lie”. In 1957 he buys Château Cassemichère from where he specializes in the different terroirs and soils of the Loire. Everywhere he is looking for the ideal pieces of land to grow wine. He goes from Nantes, via Chinon and Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, to Pouilly Fumé, exploring almost the entire terroir of the Loire. Another thing that set him apart from most vintners was his specialization in "educating" the wine, which, according to him, makes the difference between just good and real top wine. Today, at Donatien Bahuaud, they continue to pursue the ideas and knowledge of this exceptional winemaker, benefiting from his pioneering work as the discoverer of the very best vineyards in the various appellations. His wines are therefore real gems and represent an entire wine region such as the Loire.


Domaine du Bicheron - France

Here in southern Burgundy, the grapes enjoy more sun and Mediterranean influences, making the wines appear riper and rounder. The domain was founded in 1889, so that the 5th generation has now taken over the torch. Domaine du Bicheron can therefore build on a long tradition and experience in which the newer generations also introduced the latest techniques and installations. Like any right-minded modern company, great respect for the environment and climate is central here too. They have been working according to the Lutte Raisonnée for a long time, but since 2018 they now also have a real Bio label, HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale). Moreover, a region like Burgundy naturally has its price (and today it has evolved out of all proportion). In that sense, you will find beautiful and honest wines here that form an affordable and tasty alternative to the top wines of the Côte d'Or, which are only available to a select audience these days.


Thomas Labille - France

In 1987, Etienne Boileau, Christian Simon and William Nahan pooled their available vineyards, giving them 11 hectares to ensure the start-up. 80 ha is still used to grow grain. A year later, the vineyard is already doubled. After a few difficult early years, the cultivation of grain is completely stopped and only one focus remains: WINE! In 1993, heavy investments were made in the cellars to guarantee an autonomous and qualitative vinification. This immediately leads to a first gold medal at the Concours Agricole de Paris. Over the years, several modernizations as well as prizes and medals followed. Gradually, the original domain manifested itself at the beginning of this century as one of the fixed values and better domains of Chablis. In 2019, the 3 original partners will retire and the succession will be ensured by Arnaud Nahan and Thomas Labille. With their latest vintages they prove that the quality has only improved. The original name is changed to simply 'Thomas Labille' but it remains Chablis and Chardonnay with a capital C... Bring on those oysters!


Le Jas Des Papes - France

The actual history of the vineyards goes back to 1890. The domain was then owned by the Granget family and known under the name “Château de Husson”. From 1973 to 2006, the wines were also bottled under this name. In 2007, the vineyards and the right to use the name “Château de Husson” were sold to a Luberon family, with Bernard and Jerôme Granget keeping 7.5 hectares of vineyards for themselves. New cellars and facilities were built and renamed “Le Jas des Papes”. The first harvest under this name was bottled in 2008. In 2014, Jerôme Granget then sold the domain to Michel Audibert, who employed Sébastien Philibert as manager and winemaker. It's Sebastien who is still responsible for the beautiful wines of this still young domain. In 2017, it was also certified 'organic' in order to comply with current climate and environmental standards. At the same time subtle and generous, the wines of Le Jas des Papes enjoy a very pure character and are an absolute enrichment for this world-renowned appellation. The Pope's stash is in safe hands here!


Nomoya - South Africa

Nomoya literally means “With spirit” or “Spirited”, which says a lot about the (young) people behind this ambitious wine project. Talia Engelbrecht, the winemaker, personifies joy, enthusiasm and perfection. She provides a young, innovative and experimental drive to the Nomoya team. Together with the more experienced winemaker and marketer, Michela Sfiligoi and agronomist, Atilio Dalpiaz, they form the perfect team that makes Nomoya arguably one of Swartland's most promising wine estates, embodying one of the many wisdoms that Nelson Mandela has taught to South African people “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up!” Their first years were an immediate hit. The wines are made from monocepages of various South-African and European grape varieties. They are fermented separately in vats made of different materials (concrete, stainless steel and wooden barrels) in order to obtain a different character and style each time.

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Unexpected - Spanje

Finca Aylés is located in northeastern Spain near Zaragoza and southeastern of La Rioja. The Ramón Reula family started this ambitious wine project in the 1980s, purchasing small estates and vineyards to restore the original and historic Finca Aylés, which dates back to the Middle Ages, back to its former glory. They have the highest qualification you can earn in Spain and do not fall under protection of origin as in Rioja or Ribera del Duero, but are actually a designation of origin in itself. We call this Viños de Pago or in this case Pago Aylés. There are only a few in Spain (15 to be exact). The Finca is the largest family and historic Bodega of Aragón where all vineyards are worked under organic label. They have a unique and extreme continental climate where temperatures can fluctuate to extremes. Together with the exceptional variation in soil and the historical individuality of Finca Aylés, they make this winery an appellation in itself. The wines are therefore of exceptional quality and are a must for every enthusiastic wine lover!


BOOM - Spain

BOOM is the surprising encounter between the finesse of wine and the freshness of chewable fruits, a singular aromatic intensity, refreshing and gourmet through 4 flavors; Strawberry, Lemon Ginger, Orange Mimosa and Pina Colada. BOOM, lightness everywhere and at any time, the guarantee of long evenings, warm aperitifs or feet in the water, barbecues and improvised picnics.

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Quinta de Gomariz - Portugal

In the wine region of Vinho Verde, António Sousa has no equal. The winemaker of Quinta de Gomariz makes his wines in the classic way where a fine point of carbon dioxide gives his Vinho Verde's just that little bit more liveliness and tension. His track record is simply impressive. At the last annual election of the very best Vinho Verde's of that year, organized by the Vinho Verde winegrowing committee, he managed to win no less than 5 of the 13 gold medals after a blind tasting! (And this on an entry from 250 different winegrowers) Whoever speaks about Vinho Verde cannot ignore his person. The winery is located in the Vale do Ave, the heart of the Vinho Verde. The area is delineated by 2 large natural barriers. In the East, the Mountains and in the West, the Atlantic Ocean. In the North and South, 2 rivers determine the border, the Douro and the Minho. Hence the commonly used term “Entre-Douro-e-Minho”. Vinho Verde is not the name of the white wine itself, but it is indeed a designation of origin. In other words, there is also red and even rosé Vinho Verde.

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Alonso Lopez de Familia

Alonso López de Familia - Spain

Since the bodega was founded in 1925, it is the third generation of the family that today enjoys the privilege of displaying their winemaking skills in one of the most privileged locations of La Rioja. La Puebla de Labarca is located in Rioja Alavesa, one of the 3 regions in the appellation, where in principle the very best Rioja wines are produced. It is the northernmost region and has the great advantage that the vineyards are situated quite high benefitting from 3 different climate types. It is mainly an Atlantic climate (cooling and sea breezes that blow the vineyards dry and avoid diseases) but also benefits from a continental and at the same time a Mediterranean climate. All these exceptional circumstances, combined with their unbridled passion for wine, make Alonso-López one of the most prominent family bodegas in the region. From the work in the fields, over the know-how in the cellar to the final wine in the bottle, nothing is left to hazard to transform these ideal conditions into absolute top wines. Their years of experience and perfectionist approach to viticulture result in some gems that are an enrichment not only for Rioja but by extension for the entire Spanish wine list.

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Ciabot Italië

Château Planères - France

The winery can look back on 4 generations of winegrowers and is a family collaboration between the Jaubert and Nourry families. It is located on a stony plateau that dominates the village of Saint-Jean-Lasseille. Due to the rough conditions, the vine has to work hard here to reach full maturity. The poor sandy soils with many boulders and limited limestone oblige it to dig very deep with its roots to ensure its food supply. This means that the very old grapevines can also provide themselves with water in times of drought and thus ensure a constant and balanced ripening of the grapes. Located between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, the climate here can also be very harsh. The constant play of winds and temperature fluctuations results in wines that display an incredible refinement, concentration, structure and balance. All Planères wines are therefore individual expressions of all these conditions together, with each vintage also requiring its own approach. Don't expect a bombastic or stewed jam style here, but delicate, mineral and terroir bound gems with a lot of personality that will undoubtedly make the heart of the true wine lover beat faster.

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Ciabot Italië

Tinto Pesquera ORIGINAL  - Spain

Alejandro Fernandez, who in 1975, pioneered and revolutionized the Ribera del Duero offers again a unique opportunity: to recreate, together with his daughter Eva, the Original Pesquera 2017, the original by Alejandro Fernandez. A wine that follows the unmistakable character of its Tinta del Pais (Tempranillo), producing wines loaded with black fruit, well-structured but without the hardness of new wood as in other more modern Riberas. At 88 years old and together with his winemaker daughter Eva, Alejandro Fernandez continues thrilling us by launching what is perhaps the most unique Pesquera of all those he has produced, Pesquera ORIGINAL by Alejandro Fernandez.

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Ciabot Italië

Ciabot - Italy

A Ciabot in Piedmont means a small shed or cabanne that is often located in the middle of the vineyards to stoke material or get some protection from th weather conditions. Cantine del Ciabot is located in Farigliano and was founded in 1895. It is now the 4th generation of the Fia family that has shared the same passion for more than 100 years with the common goal of allowing dining tables all over the world to enjoy their delicious grape juice. The vineyards extend from the appellations Dogliani to Roero. The white wines are made from Favorita (Piemontese Vermentino), Arneis and Chardonnay. The red wines are represented by the regional trio: Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo. Their wines are all typical and honest representatives of one of the most renowned wine regions in Italy and an extension of the entire wine world. Don't hesitate to try them out and get a taste of what is arguably the best culinary region in Italy.

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Minini Italy

Cantine Minini - Italy

Cantine Minini was founded in 1920 in Verolanuova, where Francesco Minini had just left the First World War as a young soldier. There was little money but the determination was all the greater to start an ambitious wine estate. This ambition was soon crushed when the Second World War broke out not much later. But even after this tragedy, he continued his life project full of good courage and renewed enthusiasm. In the early 1960s, the winery was completely rebuilt at a new location. Today it is still the headquarters of the many other locations it knows today. Those years also saw the greatest boost for the domain and collaborative projects were launched with winegrowers all over the country, representing almost all the main regions of Italy. This enabled the Minini family to offer a portfolio that was and still is representative of almost all of Italy rather than just the Veneto region. The 3rd generation, again represented by a Francesco Minini, gratefully continues to build on this today and offers a wide quality range of Italian wines at an international level. The wines are, without falling into exclusivity, of a high standard and allow us to enjoy a country like Italy without having to dig deep into our pockets.

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In Me Puglia Italy

In Me - Italy

After domains such as Poggio Le Volpi and Masca del Tacco and also brands such as Epicuro, Masseria Trajone and Feudi del Duca, Felice Mergé creates a new brand: 'IN ME'. This is a range of wines with the central star being one of Puglia's most cultivated grapes, Negroamaro. Where Negroamaro appears, partner in crime, Primitivo, should not be missing either. As usual, Felicé once again succeeds in serving us an irresistible range of wines. The warm, welcoming character of southern Italy is reflected in every bottle. Generous, opulent wines with a seductive and sunny character that will make both the total layman and the seasoned wine connoisseur fall for themselves. Each and every one of his wines is also awarded with insanely high appreciation figures from wine critics from all over the world. Puglia was once known for its inferior mass wines where quality was completely lost sight of. Nowadays, however, you can make discoveries here that will immediately make every wine lover happy.

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Casina Bric 460 Piemonte Italy

Casina Bric 460 - Italy

Casina Bric literally translated means: “Farm on the top of the hill”. It is therefore the highest winery of the municipality of Barolo. The average height of the vineyards is 460m (up to 500m), which immediately explains the rest of the name. From the domain you can safely say that you have one of the most beautiful views over the appellation of Barolo. The successive hills with often misty valleys in between are a feast for the eyes and form the ideal habitat for Nebbiolo (Mist), the grape from which the legendary Barolos and Barbarescos are made. Owner and winemaker, Gianluca Viberti, after 20 years tending the family vineyards, started this wonderful project. His view is: "People don't need copies and imitations (there are enough already)". The wines are made here in a traditional way, with a personal approach and with great respect for the ecosystem and climate in general. No chemical yeasts to start the fermentation, new oak maturations that hinder the identity of the wine etc. Here the wine takes its time and Barolos are made as it has been traditionally done with a difficult and demanding grape like Nebbiolo can develop into one of the most impressive, complex and sought after wines in the world. His top wines require many years of patience, but are a great reward for every enthusiastic wine lover once the moment of consumption presents itself.

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Domaine Grand-Chemin vignerons de père en fils France Languedoc

Domaine Grand-Chemin - France

The Floutier family has managed the Domaine Grand Chemin for more than 300 years or 5 generations. Father, Jean-Marc and his 2 sons, Frédéric and Emmanuel, can let themselves go of renewal and experimental innovations in a region like the Cevennes. More than 50 different grapes are therefore allowed in the Pays d'Oc appellation, which means that there is no other wine region in France where you can display your own input and ingenuity. They make wines under 3 different appellations: Pays d'Oc, Vins des Cevennes and Duché d'Uzés. Grand Chemin guarantees an extensive, surprising and above all delicious range of wines with sometimes unexpected but delicious grape combinations. Cabernet Sauvignon with Pinot Noir…? Bring it on!

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Champagne Jean-Jacques Lamoureux

Champagne Lamoureux - France

In 1947, grandfather René Lamoureux planted his first vines in Les Riceys, making him the de facto founder of the house. However, it was his son, Jean-Jacques, who further developed this small winery to the next level. Les Riceys belongs to the least known and most secluded part of Champagne, the Côte de Bar. It is situated between Reims and Bourgogne, below the city of Troyes. Surprising and interesting discoveries can be made here without support of big branding of the big Champagne Houses. They count solely on their pure class. Today, son Vivien manages the winery, where Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier are presented pure and blended, with the same high quality standards for each cuvée. Just about all different types of champagne are represented here and make Champagne Lamoureux an unmissable opportunity for every champagne lover.

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Domaine Olga Raffault Chinon

Domaine Olga Raffault - France

Located between the Loire and the Vienne, the vineyards of Olga Raffault are situated. Olga was running the family domain together with her husband when her husband died suddenly in the fantastic 1947 vintage. With the help of Ernest Zeinninger, a German soldier who was taken prisoner of war at the end of the war but who was released under the protection of the Raffault family, a top wine was finally realized that year. Having never understood the war, he later bonded with the domain and the Raffault family, resulting in a close friendship that would last. Later her son took over the domain and today it is granddaughter Sylvie Raffault who, with her husband and son, honors the legacy of Olga. The necessary modernizations and new techniques were implemented, but the style and character that Olga had in mind were retained. The wine and vineyards are fully organically labeled and are made and maintained with the greatest care and respect for the environment and climate.

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Meerendal Wine Estate - South Africa

Additional wines in assortment: 
- 2021 Meerendal Wine Estate Durbanville Bigfeet Africa - Top Sauvignon
- 2021 Meerendal Wine Estate Durbanville Bigfeet Africa - Elegant & balanced Shiraz/Merlot 

The origin of Meerendal dates back to 1714. It is therefore one of the pioneers in the wine field in South Africa. Blessed with one of the best terroirs, it enjoys a Mediterranean climate with welcome relief from the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Boland Mountains. Thys Smit is winemaker and cellar master and was finalist for the 2019 Diners Club Young Winemaker of the year Award. He takes the domain to (even) a higher level and makes every wine an unmissable pearl for every true wine lover. Today it is one of the absolute top domains in South Africa. She summarizes her conviction and goal as follows: 'Making superior wines, representing the region, with a willingness to work with nature rather than against her.' The view from the domain is extraordinarily beautiful! Meerendal is therefore not only limited to wine, but also houses a luxury hotel and a top restaurant and is also fully committed to offering South African artists a stage. In short, if you want to get to know South Africa better, Meerendal is an unavoidable must in your journey of discovery!

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Soumah - Australie

Located in the renowned Yarra Valley, Victoria's oldest wine region and the coolest in all of Australia, Soumah Winery ranks among the absolute summit of what Australia has to offer. The winery was founded in 1997 by Brett Butcher. This great admirer of Northern Italian wines from Piedmont, Trentino and Alto Adige as well as French Burgundy and Northern Rhone wines, discovered Yarra as the ideal location to provide an Australian answer to what he considered to be the very best wines in the world. In the cool climate of Yarra, grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Brachetto and Pinot Grigio find a second home. Even Syrah, deliberately not vinified here as Shiraz, and Viognier produce wines here that easily rival their European counterparts. Quality begins in the vineyard with the philosophy of quality over quantity consistently applied in all areas. This results in extraordinary cool-climate wines, each able to convince even the most ardent classic wine drinker and are a perfect representation of what each grape variety and its terroir has to offer. Soumah is especially renowned for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but has also achieved the highest scores and awards with all its other wines.

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Tar & Roses

Tar & Roses - Australia

Tar & Roses' original winemaking team had its first experience in Priorat (Spain) and later in Italy. There, Don Lewis and Narelle King learned how to deal in the best way with 'old world' grapes and how to reflect this on their native Australia. In addition to Shiraz and Pinot Grigio, they also make wine from other classic grapes such as Riesling, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and even Glera (Prosecco) with the aim of introducing 'New World' drinkers to these grapes. Don Lewis, who sadly passed away in 2017, became one of Australia's most respected winemakers. His interpretation of these classics with an Australian character united the old style of winemaking with the new one. At Tar & Roses, Narelle King now only continues their work with the same philosophy in mind. The grapes come from the best regions of Central Victoria, such as Heathcote (Shiraz) and King Valley (Pinot Grigio), ensuring wines that combine a decidedly tasty character with finesse and complexity. In addition, due to their specific location and altitude, they guarantee wines that are a worthy reflection of Australia's most cool and privileged wine regions.

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Pyren Vineyards - Australie

In 1999, brothers Brian and Kevin Joy founded Pyren Vineyards. The Warrenmang Valley was chosen as the location. The perfectly oriented vineyards with grapes such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Sauvignon Blanc are surrounded by forests and other agriculture. In 2003, son, Leighton Joy, achieved his first years as a winemaker and in 2012 he took full charge of the winemaking process. He is a talented young winemaker who has since put Pyren on the international map. As if Joy wasn't enough (What's in a name?) Leighton's nephew, Andy, later joined the team and has been in charge of the overall management ever since. The flagship of the estate is the "Union", a blend of all the best grapes from the best vineyards, where Shiraz, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot meet in an impressive, seductive and harmonious interplay.

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Yarran - Australia

Lorraine and John (late) Brewer purchased the property in 1978 with another local family and set out to re-develop an old fruit farm into a vineyard which the winery and cellar door now call home; in the Riverina, Yenda, NSW. Initially the vineyards were developed to supply larger local wineries, it would be another 20 years of grape growing before Yarran Wines was hatched with the first release of Shiraz in 1998. At the time (and still to this day) we have played the role as small/boutique player in a region of influential and hugely successful wineries in the region. Paving a path to showcase our region’s diversity and varietal expression has meant many years of vineyard and winery development. This next era will see our final stages of organic certification completed, a bigger push into unique regional varieties and hopefully some great vintages under the Yarran brand. Growing fruit, making wine and sharing it with our customers all on one site brings with it many challenges and long days, in the end we love our role and will keep slowly making our way.

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Pinon Damien Vouvry Frankrijk France wine

Pinon - France

Damien and Ingrid Pinon are both one team as well as winemakers as in daily life. Among them, the domain was completely modernized and given a contemporary style. The vineyards are 100% Chenin Blanc planted for both foam and still wines and have been organically farmed for over 10 years. This includes avoiding chemical fertilizers and sprays, plowing natural vegetation between the rows to promote the balance of the local flora and fauna, etc. However, this organic method has never been endorsed with a certified label. Since 2020, work has also been done on this and an official certificate is pending. One of the great assets of Vouvray is the rather unique subsoil of a specific type of limestone and millennia-old remains of crustaceans called Tuffeau. This geological layer dates back to Turoon, so named because this geological timeline is most visible near the city of Tours. It guarantees one of the best expressions of Chenin anywhere in the world. The beautiful cellar of the domain, where the wines ferment and mature, was completely hewn from this lime layer.

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Catalina Sounds New Zealand wines

Catalina Sounds - New Zealand

Catalina Sounds was founded in 2005 by Matt Ward and Fraser Brown. Their ambition is simple and clear: to make Marlborough's best wines. Matt is the winemaker and got his knowledge in New Zealand's most renowned estates (Mahi Wines, Seresin Estate and Wither Hills) as well as making wines in Meursault, Oregon and the Palatinate in Germany. Fraser knows better than anyone the needs and requirements of the vineyard itself that are needed to get the very best out of the grapes. Together they form a team where each excels in perfection in his field. For them, balance is the basis of any wine that should be a natural reflection of its specific terroir. For a young wine estate like Catalina Sounds, the achievements are already impressive. Where they now have the best vineyards in Marlborough, there was nothing 15 years ago. The name of the domain is a tribute to the famous flying boats (or seaplanes) named Catalina.

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Logo Crowded House New Zealand wine

Crowded House - New Zealand

With Crowded House and Totara, Matt Ward and Fraser Brown (Catalina Sounds) launched 2 other brands that guarantee typical New Zealand and quality wines. Crowded House refers to the early years in Wairou Valley when Matt and Fraser pioneered a valley where grapes were not yet available. Meanwhile, they are far from alone here and others also discovered the enormous quality that this place has to offer. It is as they say themselves: “In the beginning, when we arrived here, we were still alone and brave, or maybe even stupid, but now we are with many others and we can really call it our home here… Our densely populated house.

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Totara New Zaland wine

Totara - New Zealand

Totara, also by Matt Ward and Fraser Brown (Catalina Sounds), refers to a majestic native conifer that played an important role in the daily life of the Maori and the Pakeha, including making boats in one piece. Just like with Catalina Sounds, they only go for the very best of what Wairou has to offer. Cool Climate vineyards that have become more important than ever due to contemporary problems such as global warming. Especially now that many of the original wine regions are increasingly faced with the enormous problems that a few degrees of warming entail. Respect for natural balance and sustainability are therefore not empty words here. The wines therefore carry a label for “Sustainable winegrowing”.

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Vigneti Zanatta

Vigneti Zanatta - Sardegna

Additional wines in assortment:
2020 Vigneti Zanatta Fieli Carignano del Sulcis IGT
2017 Vigneti Zanatta Tarara Riserva Cannonau di Sardegna DOC
2020 Vigneti Zanatta Renarossa Monica di Sardegna DOC

Vigneti Zanatta is a young company founded in 2003 with the combination of two pieces of land known for their tradition on the production of the following wines: Sardinia and Veneto. The wines are produced from local grapes in the Gallura area in Sardinia. It is the very nature of the extremely sandysoil with little water or organic matter that gives the wines such as Vermentino di Gallura DOCG and Cannonau di Sardegna DOC their aromatic, spicy flavour by which they are known and can be immediately identified.

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Logo Coral Duero Bodegas

Coral Duero - Spain

Coral Duero was founded in 2003 by Jesus Fernandez. He was a 'visionary' who had earned his stripes in the maritime world. By buying Coral Duero and also some of the oldest vineyards in Toro, he pushed the limits with the ultimate ambition of 'Making the best wine of Toro!' Most grapes grow on their original vines and were spared from the phylloxera. Coral refers to its maritime past and Duero is a tribute to the river of the same name that flows as a lifeline through the inhospitable landscape of Toro. The first awards came fairly quickly and Robert Parker also honored the 'Rompesedas' with 93 points. Meanwhile, Jesus passed the torch to a young team of talented managers and winemakers. They build on his dream and make Coral Duero one of the ultimate taste experiences of the Toro appellation.

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Logo Domaine Clos Romane

Domaine Passy le Clou - France

Domaine Patrice was founded in 1950 by the father of Gérard and Christian Patrice. The land with grain was switched to grape-growing and the accommodations to wine-growing in general. It was mainly Gérard who took care of the growing wine section. The available land in Petit Chablis, Chablis and Chablis 1er Cru Beauroy was initially worked for the Cave Coopérative, but in the early 2000s all installations were purchased to enable the transition to the production of high-quality Chablis wines. In the first years, the wines were still sold to Negociants, but since 2017 Domaine Passy Le Clou became a fact and the wines are marketed under their own name and management. From its first year on, the domain has garnered rave reviews from many wine fanatics, won the necessary prizes and immediately settled among the better producers of the appellation. They stand for sustainable viticulture with great respect for nature and in 2019 obtained the certificate: “Haute Valeur Environnementale”. The future therefore smiles broadly and radiantly at Passy Le Clou.

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Pandora - Spain

This extremely modern and innovative bodega from Rueda excels at combining old classic wine processes with the latest technological innovations in the wine field. They have different fermentation vats, in stainless steel, wood and cement. There is also an extensive variation in size and shape. This makes it possible to monitor and improve the quality at every moment of the production process and to achieve a separate and optimal vinification for each variety and vineyard. They even have an ampelographic vineyard with up to 20 different grape varieties from all over the world that allows them to experiment and innovate. In addition, they have a variety of vineyards and terroirs that are among the best in Rueda. The wines are aged on their lees to increase quality and storage power. By using egg-shaped cement yeast vats, the micro-oxygen uptake is increased, which in turn makes the wines more lively and interesting. In other words Bodegas Pandora represents, just like in Greek mythology, all the acquired virtues of the gods such as beauty, strength, knowledge, dexterity, persuasiveness… And last of all, curiosity. If you want to enjoy yourself, don't let this Pandora box pass you by.

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Florie - France

Florie is a brand from the winery 'Les Vignerons du Roy René' which is founded in 1922, was named after one of the most beloved kings of France. King René lived close to the common people and was known as a generous and good man who like to share his time with the average man, participated in parties and tournaments and thus when one of the few kings conquered a place in the heart of the Provencal people. The cave uses the strictest standards of the region and all vineyards must obtain a certificate from the Chamber of Agriculture that guarantees respectful and environmentally friendly viticulture (culture raisonnée). For example, they often apply stricter standards than many individual winegrowers, and several of their wines are voted the best in the region year after year. The vineyards are also subdivided according to location, soil and quality and thus guarantee that a maximum level per wine can also be achieved in the bottle and that each bottle can be traced up to the vineyard. They also link a more than fair price to their different wines which absolutely cannot be said of some so-called "big" names in Provence and some film stars settled there.

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Lamborghini - Italy

In the 1960s, Ferruccio Lamborghini, later better known as a world-famous car manufacturer, purchased the beautiful domain, which is situated south of Lake Trasimeno. As he traveled through the region, he fell in love with the beautiful hilly landscape and after his career as a tractor builder and wagon constructor, he decided to return to his roots and devote himself fully to viticulture as the son of farmers. The vineyards are in Umbria but only a few km from Cortona, the most southern appellation of Tuscany. In the 1990s, daughter, Patrizia took over the domain and further strengthened her father's ambition by modernising and enlisting the help of one of Italy's most talented and renowned winemakers, Riccardo Cotarella, nicknamed "The Wizard". He makes top wines from local grapes such as Sangiovese and Montepulciano like no other and mixes them with international grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. International wine critics such as James Suckling and Robert Parker love it anyway and give these blends absolute top scores in their wine ratings. Another small and fun anecdote that Ferruccio Lamborghini completely draws: When Ferruccio, being a farmer and specialised in building tractors and other agricultural vehicles, but full of admiration for beautiful sports cars like Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari himself pointed out that the bodywork of his cars was not calculated on the power of his engines, Enzo Ferrari replied that he might have known how to drive a tractor but missed any knowledge of sports cars! ... The rest is history. 

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Antoine de la Farge - France

Antoine's grandfather, Gerard Clément, was one of the most respected winemakers in the region and one of the founders of the 'Menetou-Salon' appellation. He is still present on the domain and for Antoine he was and still is his great inspiration and example. He started his career in a wine shop and later became a wine buyer for one of France's largest wine merchants. Here he was given the opportunity to expand his knowledge enormously and gain international experience (ex. in Australia). After 12 years of experience, he returned to the domain in 2012 to put all that experience into practice. As a winemaker, Antoine feels like a conductor who transforms the soil into music. Every wine must be a natural reflection of its soil and requires sustainable agriculture to achieve this. The winegrower is the cement between the grape variety and the final wine. He does not want to manipulate the wine, but only to accompany it gently. That is why all grapes are picked by hand, only gravity is used and no yeasts are added to get the fermentation going. His wines therefore constantly win prizes.

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Brennfleck - Germany

Additional wines in assortment: 2015 Brennfleck Sonnenberg Silvaner Beerenauslese & 2019 Brennfleck Sulzfelder Cyriakusberg Sauvignon Blanc

Franken is a region of peace, culture and relaxation. Taking things just a bit slower. The heart of the wine region is located in the triangle around Wûrzburg. You can also find the traditional 'German' grapes here, but it is especially "Sylvaner" that is king of the region here! With a lot of effort and passion, Suzanne and Hugo Brennfleck make several wonderful wines that were internationally awarded on several occasions. On a terroir like this quality is the only option. They therefore work with the greatest respect for nature and with an experience in wine that has been for over 400 years. Here, wine is a way of life, as they stated: "We want you to taste our love for wine! Wine is so much of our life in history: Historical, cultural, architectural, traditional, social,... Wine is very diverse and that distinguishes itself from many other beverages. With a sip of wine you will discover the region, the landscape, the vintage and the signature of the wine maker. His variety inspires and opens up unprecedented possibilities! " It says a lot about the dedication of the Brennfleck family and their wines. Here, you will find the best "Sylvaners" in the world.

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Sendero Royal - Spain

Additional wine in assortment: 2018 Sendero Royal Tinto Joven Garnacha

Sendero Royal is located in Aldeanueva de Ebro, a small village in Rioja Baja. Convinced of the exceptional quality of the domain and its vineyards, Gonzalo Ruiz Pastor decided to take over production and no longer sell his grapes to other winegrowers or bodegas. A modern cellar and winery were built and a tasty and contemporary range of wines was created with the help of neighbor and oenologist Rodriguez. They fully meet contemporary needs and quality standards. No old-fashioned wines that have been overkilled by wood, but beautifully substantiated and balanced wines that, without renouncing the individuality and typicality of Rioja, also hold their own internationally. Its vineyards are also slightly higher in altitude than average in Rioja Baja and are among the best in the region.

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Cornaro - Italy

Additional wine in assortment: Cornaro Extra dry Spumante Caterina

In the heart of the province of Treviso, at the foot of the hills of Asolo and Montello, in the area of Prosecco, Cantina Montelliana established a cooperative of growers. They use traditional methods and modern equipment, and produce the highest available technologies and with the utmost care. They are also using more traditional methods, which are reliable, and experiences that are closely connected with the history and culture of this area. With an attentive look at the past and through the use of the best winemaking technologies that the market offers Cantina Montelliana processes carefully and supervises the land and the vines with a respectful approach, so excellent wine is obtained. The wine is produced with selected grapes that are chosen because of their high quality. The grapes in the vineyards of this particular country grow between the hills and the plains, which have unique and unrivalled organoleptic characteristics, thanks to the favourable balance between the climate and the soil in this area. The vineyards of Cantina Montelliana are located on the hills of Montello and Asolo on either side of the river Piave: more than 600 hectares of vineyards, characterized by particular soil and climate, ideal for growing high quality grapes.

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Clos Romane - France

Additional wine in assortment: 2019 Clos Romane Côtes du Rhône Rosé

It is in the heart of the Provence Region, where Nadine and Stephane modestly decided to start making their own wine. Their first vintage was a fact in 2011. Only a few years later, their vineyard now covers an area of 30 hectares, overviewing the great plain of the Rhone Valley.

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Claroscuro Uco Valley - Argentina

Additional wines in assortment: 2018 Claroscuro Uco Valley - Bodega de Arte - Tintas-de-Uco Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot

Claroscuro is a tendency in the art world wanting to emphasize the extremes of colors and light impressions. In both photography and painting, dark effects are represented even darker than these actually are and lighter effects are even lighter. Thus the midtones disappear and the extremes are amplified. The story of Claroscuro starts in 2012 when Gustavo and Paula Cucchiara passed here and immediately fell in love with the beautiful Finca San Francisco with its equally beautiful views and majestic surroundings. At over 1100m height and with the impressive Andes as background, Uco Valley is a unique location for growing grapes. Since they keep art as important value and consider wine making as such, they want to promote art through their wines and have their wines tasted through art. Each bottle receives a personal work of art from Argentinian artists and is thus a representative with a unique identity. The vineyard is subdivided into different terroirs which make it possible to create different characters with different grapes Each bottle has a painting with similar characteristics and make more than just a nice bottle of wine from each cuvée.

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Angry Bunch Lodi & Mendocino - U.S.A.

This more than remarkable wine domain exudes pure Rock and Roll! Wines for tough men, quirky musicians, anarchists, adventurers and other alternative artists. Only their catchy introduction film about the history of "The Angry Bunch" will allow you to sit back amused and interested. The entire symbolic journey from the old world to the new West is presented in an entertaining and humorous way and makes you yearn for a delicious bottle of Angry Zinfandel! Lodi is the unofficial capital of the Zinfandel and is the place where the original Angry Bunch was the first to put its feet in the ground. The presentation is also very American and "Hits you right in the face"! "All nicely brought and packaged", we hear you think ... Of course there shouldn't be any wine behind it that would make us happy to cross the ocean!

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Au Contraire Sonoma County - U.S.A.

This was the first family vineyard of the renowned Taub family in Sonoma County. The wines are specially made for those who fully embrace life. For those who make the impossible possible! This vision is also presented in a fun way on the label with an illustration that turns expectations upside down. Au Contraire has enviable "Cool Climate" vineyards, especially in these times. Just like in Burgundy, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the royal couple, and just like in the Côte d’Or, the best wines in the world are made here. The exceptional quality is guaranteed by the legendary Californian winemaker Tom Hinde and his experienced team. Who again said that the best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs are undoubtedly from Burgundy ...? You'll definitly say...AU CONTRAIRE!

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Logo Mon Frère

Mon Frère California - U.S.A.

The Mon Frère Winery originated from a collaboration between one of the most legendary winemakers in America, Tom Hinde and perhaps one of the most important wine-related families after the prohibition in twinties, the Taub family. It is not a unique vineyard or winery, but by utilizing vineyards in different locations in California regions and different clones of the same grape, they work optimally towards a complete version of what wine in California has to offer in a fairly responsible price range. . "Mon Frère" is an ode to those special and rare friends who feel like family and for whom you are happy to bring out your best bottle. The wines are incredibly versatile and a testable proof of what their grape can offer. The presentation honors in a pleasant way what friendship has to offer in all its forms ... In good and bad times!

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Logo High Heaven Vintners

High Heaven Vintners Washington State - U.S.A.

The High Heaven Vintners have their home base in Columbia Valley the largest appellation of Washington State where they have been active for more than 100 years. Their philosophy for obtaining great wines is: "after first understanding how to grow amazing grapes, we set out to make the best wine". The vineyards are located in the "rain shadow" of the Cascade Mountains. They provide a natural barrier that protects the vineyards against rain and extreme conditions and ensure a dry and sunny climate, ideal for the grape grower. Moreover, people work organically everywhere and to the highest quality standards, proving that not only are top wines made in California. High Heaven tastes as it sounds ... Heavenly! Find 'High Heaven Vintners' Wines Discover the winery
Logo Heritance

Heritance Napa Valley - U.S.A.

The Taub family is a big name in California on the scene of wine and spirits. Their history goes back to the end of the prohibition in the twenties. As one of the first in America, they received the personal permission of President Roosevelt to produce and distribute alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, we are 3 generations further but still the Taubs are one of the references in California, even for the entire US. Heritance is the most important family vineyard and one of the benchmark wineries of Napa Valley, America's most renowned wine region. Their impressive counter to the absolute top of our European quality wines. Heritance is actually a combination of "Heritage" and "Inheritance", pointing to the start of a new tradition and its sustainable continuation. The wines are made after the example of the greatest Bordeaux and leave the true wine lover with absolute silence.

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Logo Miquel Arroyo

Miguel Arroyo Izquierdo Rueda - Spain

Miguel started in 2004 with the acquisition of the vineyards of his parents. He is the 4th generation of winemakers in the family. The old vineyards are still cultivated, but he also planted new vineyards and created a completely new bodega with the most modern techniques to produce high-quality wines. This is the most southwestern region of Rueda. The grounds here are so poor and sandy that this piece even remained largely free of Phyloxera so that some old grape growers still stand on their original sticks. It also has the oldest and original clones from Verdejo that are organically and all processed manually. He prides himself on the fact that his Verdejo can even withstand the test of time quite well and proves that also with his wine.

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Logo Paolo Cottini

Paolo Cottini Veneto - Italy

La differenza tra fare un lavaro and farlo per passione è il risultato! The difference between working and doing this with passion is the final result! Paolo Cottini has his own work ethic to obtain a personal identity for his wines. Together with his wife Sarah, he continues a passion under his own name that has actually been inspiring for 3 generations. The vines are planted in the heart of Valpolicella, more specifically Castelrotto and include 2 different wine regions, both geologically and climatically. One in Ca´ del Gallo at 580 m altitude, southwest facing and the other in Valgatara at 250 m altitude and southeast facing. They lie in the middle of the big names and enable them to give the respective wines as much balance and complexity as possible guaranteeing a unique identity. This small family domain surprised many wine critics in no time and worked its way up to an unmissable wine experience in a nevertheless unique region in terms of grapes, wines and their respective production methods.

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Logo Musso

Musso Piedmont - Italy

With Musso, we welcome the absolute top of Barbaresco to our portfolio. The historic vineyards are also connected to those of their world-famous neighbor Gaja. In 2014, their Barbaresco "Pora" was even voted the best Barbaresco of the year ... scored better than Gaja's! The vineyards of Musso are currently located in 4 of the largest locations in Barbaresco: Pora, Rio Sordo, Ronchi and Cavanna. Every wine and grape is treated with the utmost care and is always an unforgettable experience for every wine passionate. With great pride and respect we would like to introduce and recommend this iconic wine domain to our wine-loving customers.

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Logo Deta Distilleria

Deta Distilleria Tuscany - Italy

The story of Deta starts in 1926 when the family of Marquis Torrigiani of Santa Christina founded a small distillery near the Chianti hills in the heart of Tuscany between Florence and Siena. After World War II, Angelo Gianchecchi took over the distillery and changed the name to "Lo Stillo". The distillery soon became a reference for distillates in the Tuscan wine landscape. In 1978 the company took its current form. She was taken over by Luigi Forni and his daughter. During the industrial revolution, they implemented drastic modernisations and adjustments and at the same time they could count on Lo Stillo's years of experience and know-how. While other distilleries did not take these steps or did not do so in time, Deta worked its way up to the top of the region. To this day, they present only high-quality distillates that will delight any grappa or limoncello enthusiast. Find Wines Discover the winery
Logo Halos de Jupiter

Halos de Jupiter Rhône - France

Philippe Cambie is a living legend in the Rhone (and by extension France!). He is known as one of the biggest winemakers (and you can also take that literally ...) of his generation. In 2010, he was voted winemaker of the year by Robert Parker. Over the years, he has therefore created a number of iconic wines that have made many wine lovers crow with pleasure: Domaine Les Escarvailles, Domaine Les Cailloux, Calendal ... And a whole lot of other legendary wines in which he interfer(s)(red). Les Halos de Jupiter are his ode to the king of the grapes of the Rhone: The Grenache! Symbolically he makes the link between the king of the gods "Jupiter" (Zeus) and his rings (Les Halos) and on the other hand "King Grenache" and a series of appellations in the Southern Rhône. He impressively lets you taste what is possible with this grape! Whether it is the slightly cheaper Costières de Nîmes or the exclusive top Châteauneuf-du-Pape “Adrastée”, made from more than 100 years old Grenache vines. His wines are one by one gems that will bring you in a far-reaching state of transport or as the presentation of the bottles suggests ... In heaven!

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